• Me: When I say fuck ya'll say gymnastike
  • Me: fuck
  • Gymternet: GYMNASTIKE
  • Me: fuck
  • Gymternet: GYMNASTIKE

"I don’t have to ‘prove’ anything to anyone. I do it for myself." -McKayla Maroney




So I sent Leslie King who is the head of Media Services at USAG who’s email can be found on USAG’s website and was also given to me by my-bff-nastia and this was the email I sent as well as the response I got. I also sent the same email to Steve Penny, I don’t know if he will get back to me but I saw his email and I figured he should do something considering his track record. 

bless you :)

You rock.

we should reclaim mac’s tag


I dare not enter because I’m on vacation on my hubby’s work laptop, but maybe the gymternet could collectively make some edits and gifs and reclaim her tag so the top posts that shows up are not about a particular piece of news but how amazing of a gymnast she is. 


As many of you know, Mckayla is my favorite gymnast of all time. I love her. This makes me completely devastating. I hate the person who did this. Anyone who doesn’t see her as a victim here is utterly stupid. It breaks my heart specially considering how she is part of a religious family and she has younger siblings. The world disgusts me. I suggest that everyone stops reblogging photos and starts only posting gifs of her gymnastics and her funny videos. Send out the love. Because nothing of my admiration and love for her has changed.  

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